Jay Blackburn

Powerline Tattoo
Cranston RI

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Although I’ve been creating visual designs since my days with Crayola crayons and macaroni art, it took me a while to find out that skin was the canvas that allowed me to best display my distinctive and original perspective pieces. Throughout my schooling I cultivated my abilities in the creative arts, it wasn’t until a few years back that I realized that my true passion lies in the art of tattooing and wasn’t until 2011 when I could make it my profession. While I enjoy most styles of tattoo, from lettering and black work to bright and vibrant color pieces, my professional focus is on illustrative and animated perspective point-of-view imagery. I love to take an object and twist it, creating an unusual and dynamic perspective with the illusion of space and depth. By concentrating on line weight, light sources, and focal points, I can use perspective technique to create a completely original work of art. (And given some paste and construction paper, I can still make one bad-ass macaroni snowman.)

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