Rueben “Horikei” Kayden

Cambridge, MA

For inquiries: Please call for all consultations and pricing. (617) 876-0412


Rueben “Horikei” Kayden was born into a family rich with artistic heritage in Boston. Being raised by art teachers he was always surrounded by the fine arts. Throughout his childhood he was taken many times to the local Museum of Fine Arts where he longingly studied the Japanese armor and wordbook prints with aspirations of traveling to Japan. In the year 1999, after years of being enamored with tattooing and collecting his own body art, Horikei decided to focus on learning to tattoo. Primarily self taught, he began tattooing in 2001 at one of the first tattoo studios (Darkwave Tattoo) since the re-legalization of tattooing in Boston in 2000. In 2006 he joined the team at Chameleon tattoo (the first tattoo shop in Cambridge MA) and works there currently. In the year 2009 he made the pilgrimage to Japan so as to “go to the source” and understand the Japanese culture and art more. When he returned to the states Japanese tattooing became his main focus and many trips to Japan to study began.

Horikei is a traditional Japanese tattooer that has apprenticed under master Horimyo from Saitama Japan. With his time learning from sensei Horimyo Rueben hopes to bring to his clients a true Japanese tattoo experience. Through his passion for anything Japanese is reflected in his pursuit of knowledge and his strive to become the best tattooer he can be.

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