Cannabis and Hemp Association
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The CHA was formed in May 2014 with the intention of coordinating, organizing, and mobilizing a global community of like-minded people into spiritually responsible and 100% legal cannabis and hemp businesses.

CHA believes cannabis will be the baseline-cornerstone commodity of eco-friendly living, just like it was in ancient times providing the six basics for human sustainability:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Remedies
  • Spirituality
  • Culture 

We are coming into a new age known as the “Agricultural Evolution,” a term coined by our Founder, which is an age of expansion forged on the properties of the plant cannabis sativa L. and other sustainable natural resources that are eco-friendlly.

Through education, outreach, and community service the CHA aims to inspire lawful, altruistic, responsible, and sincere use of the cannabis plant to improve our communities.  We seek to align ourselves with professional companies with a socially and spiritually responsible vision to help destigmatize the genus. In due time, the overall stigma will lift and this business is set to become the catalyst in shaping the Earth’s future. As the curtain on prohibition is lifted we need more activism, more participation from entrepreneurs, and more money invested politically into making cannabis a powerful mainstream industry. Join the CHA and contribute to the rise of a responsible and powerful industry.